Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Arriving at our Emergency Department

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a triage nurse who will first ask you specific questions about any recent travel history, fever or cough. This will determine if you need to put on a mask or perhaps be “isolated” from other patients. This specially trained triage nurse will then ensure the sickest patients are taken care of right away according to the severity of their illness or injury. You can ensure your condition is assessed as quickly as possible by talking about the reasons for your emergency visit, by listing any allergies you have or medication you are taking. The nurse will check your temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Once you’ve seen the triage nurse, then you may be taken immediately into the Emergency Department, or be asked to register and wait in the waiting room.

Our Emergency Department Team:
An Emergency doctor is on duty at all times. Physician-supervised medical students and residents (under supervision by other doctors) may also provide care. Residents have their medical degrees and can practice while they continue their training under supervision. Our nurses and physicians are also assisted by other health care providers including clerks, pharmacists and volunteers.

Will There Be A Wait in the Emergency Department?
Yes, while our average Emergency Room wait times are less than the national average, like most emergency departments you can anticipate a wait. Our team works hard to provide quality care as quickly as possible. The most seriously ill patients are seen first even though they may arrive after other patients. That is why our triage nurse checks everyone as soon as possible after they arrive.

Currently, we have a Nurse Practitioner six out of seven days per week, eight hours a day, attending to minor conditions for emergency department patients. This has proven to decrease wait times for non-urgent patients.

We appreciate your patience if you are required to wait. While waiting, please tell the triage nurse immediately if you have any questions or feel your condition is deteriorating.