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Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Current Covid-19 Information for Patients & Visitors to CMH

Required use of masks and face coverings

Universal masking is now mandatory at Campbellford Memorial Hospital (CMH). This means we require all people entering into or working at CMHto wear a mask/face covering even if they do not have any signs of an infection.

Patients and essential visitors coming to CMH for an outpatient clinic/procedure appointment or visit must wear a mask or face covering. We encouragepatients and visitors to bring their own masks/face covering. If this is not possible, then a mask will be provided at the screening station.

Why I am being asked to wear a mask/face covering?

COVID-19 may be spread by people who do not have any symptoms. Asking healthy people to wear a mask/face covering can help to prevent this asymptomatic spread to other patients, visitors and our health care providers.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask/face covering?

CMH requiresall patients and visitors to wear a mask/face covering. If there is a reason why you are not able to wear one, such as a health condition that may make it hard for you to breathe, tell the entrance screening staff. They will discuss your situation and your options with you.

Will I get a mask when I arrive?

Our entrance screening staff will ask you to sanitize your hands and ask you if you have a mask/face covering to put on. Our preference is for patients to bring their own mask/face covering from home in order to conserve our stock of masks for health care workers. However, if this is not possible, masks are available for purchase at the screening station.

If you have a reusable cloth mask or face covering, it must:

  • Be freshly washed; you should be able to machine wash and dry your mask between each use without it changing shape or being damaged
  • Be comfortable and fit snugly against your face
  • Ideally be made of multiple layers of fabric
  • Not be made of a knitted material
  • Not have exhale vents or valves. Although we know a vented mask may be more comfortable, it does not prevent your germs from spreading to others
  • Not have any tears, holes or vents
  • Allow you to breathe easily

Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask?

  • Face shields or mouth shields donotreplace masks or face coverings.

  • A face shield is used to protect the eyes of the person wearing it. Using a face shield without a mask won’t protect:you from potentially inhaling infectious respiratory droplets exhaled by others,others from your infectious respiratory droplets, as they can escape around the face shield

  • Anyone entering the hospital with either of the above will be asked to remove and use a mask which meets the hospital requirements.

If you are visiting a patient at CMH, please review our COVID19 Visiting Hours before coming to the Hospital

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