Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Referral and Assessment to the Central East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

When you visit our Emergency Department or are under care at the Hospital, you benefit from a referral and assessment service for community health care thanks to our partnership with the Central East Community Care Access Centre.

Professionals from both organizations are working together to identify those patients who would benefit from services offered by the Access Centre or who may require an adjustment to their current community care service plans.

This initiative enables the Hospital to make the best use of health care resources by moving the appropriate patients out of the Emergency Room sooner, and by reducing admissions to the hospital’s In-patient unit.

Upon arrival in the Emergency Room, you are asked if you are currently receiving Access Centre services OR have any two of these characteristics:

  • History or evidence of cognitive impairment;
  • Difficulty walking/transferring or recent fall;
  • Emergency Department use in the previous 30 days/admission in the previous 90 days;
  • Lives alone or no available caregiver.

If you are currently receiving Access Centre services and have the above characteristics, then we will notify the Access Centre of your situation. A full-time Access Centre case manager, based in the Emergency Room during the day, assesses your situation and if appropriate, speaks to you about the benefits of Access Centre services and other community-based care. On evenings, nights and weekends, the Access Centre case manager contacts you the next working day by phone to discuss your situation and possible services available.

The Access Centre case manager based in our Emergency Room works together with hospital personnel to proactively review all in-patient admissions, attends all patient care rounds, and actively participates in patient discharge planning and long-term care placement services.

The Central East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) provides home health care and support services to eligible clients, including nursing, personal support workers for in-residence care, and therapy services such as physio, occupational, speech, social work and nutrition. The CCAC also provides information and referral to community services and long-term care facilities. For more information about CCAC, call 905-430-8084 or visit their web site at